The Qualities of a Good Stay Tucked Undershirt

Undershirts are an invention that has been around for centuries now. It sounds a little strange today, but there as actually a time when it was considered very inelegant and even indecent to expose the dress shirt. With time, a few men started showing parts of their cuffs and collars over their suit and nowadays, it is considered normal to even spend time in nothing but the inner shirt. Previously many people used to just buy any generic brand of undershirt they found selling in the market, however, things have really changes and one has to be very specific on what they buy. Here are some of the qualities that are a must look for a high quality fabric for stay tucked undershirt .


This is the garment that will be rubbing against your skin the entire day. As such, it should be gentle in texture. There are some materials that are very rough and borderline abrasive. To avoid taking these home, always turn the shirt inside out when you are shopping and have a look at the care label. If it says the shirt is made of cotton or cotton blended with another fabric, you are assured of comfort. On the other hand, polyester, and chiffon will offer little to no comfort to the skin.


The male body sweats a lot during the day. You need undergarments that will soak up this sweat and keep you dry all day long. Once again, go for fabrics like cotton and linen and their blends as they are the most absorbent. Ensure that when you buy a blend, the content of the cotton is at least 50 percent for maximum absorbency.  When you choose fabrics that do not soak up the sweat, you will spend the day uncomfortable, stain the dress shirt and look messy.

Heat retention

One needs to feel warm, but not excessively hot in a dress shirt when the weather is cool and cool when the weather is hot. The material determines the ability of a shirt to trap and retain heat. Cotton is the best for summer because it does not hold in much heat which means that it will keep you warm throughout the day. During the cooler months, you can choose blends between cotton and a fabric like wool that is better when it comes to trapping heat. This will keep you warm and comfortable.


Most people automatically pick white. However, this color normally shows through many shades of dress shirts, especially the transparent ones. Go for colors such as light grey, black and even nude when you need the extra layering but without it being too obvious. Other things that play a role in the color equation are the color of the dress shirt and also the skin tone of the person wearing the stay tucked undershirts.

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